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Catch and Release

Rinn-Shannon & District Angling Club(R.S.D.A.C.)




Keep in mind at all time that fish should return to the water in the same pristine condition in which they were hooked.

Never pick up a fish with dry hands- always wet your hands before handling.

Use barbless hooks where possible. It greatly assists the unhooking process and causes less distress to the fish.

Wherever possible , unhook the fish in the water so that it does not leave it's natural environment. If unhooking on the bank or boat, use a cushioned unhooking mat.



Whilst weighing and photographing the fish is considered part of the fishing experience, this should only be necessary for larger specimens and not done as a matter of course. If you must, take any photographs as close to the water as possible, so that fish are only out for a few seconds.

Hard fighting fish need time to recuperate when being released. Hold them gently in the water until they are fully recovered, fish should kick away when ready to go. This passes oxygen rich water through the gills and assists the recovery.

If you are taking a trout for the dinner-table, never take a female. If you are unsure put the fish back in the swim alive. Taking female fish damages breeding patterns and risks future fish stocks.

If these measures are followed we will not only assist in looking after our fish but also the future of the club.

Many thanks

RSDAC Committee.

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Created by Jude Collum